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  • Date: December 8
  • Time: 09:15-10:40 UTC
  • Place: #gentoo-meetings on Freenode IRC
When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: hwoarang, pesa, yngwin
  • Absent: kensington, wired

1. Qt5 progress

  • 5.0_rc1 available, but no ebuilds; use live instead
  • webkit status: Yes check.png Done a basic ebuild is now available
  • qt5-build.eclass: pesa will update for new branching model asap Yes check.png Done
  • upstream is placing binaries in /usr/lib/qt5/bin/ and providing a toolwrapper: TODO package the toolwrapper (pesa)
  • we are basically ready to provide ebuilds for 5.0 release of essential modules + addons that are part of qtbase repo

2. Qt4 updates

  • TODO yngwin: qt4-r2.eclass translation handling move to l10n.eclass (low priority, will do after Jan 19)
  • version bump to 4.8.4 done; should we fast-stable this because of bug 445956? let's wait one more week before asking arches to mark it stable Yes check.png Done

3. Razor-qt status update

  • upstream seems to be moving to 0.6 in ~3 months
  • 0.5.1 stable candidate? yes - Yes check.png Done yngwin filed bug #452646

4. Open bugs

  • 388551: x11-libs/qt-gui should export GTK2_RC_FILES when USE="gtkstyle" is enabled - is there any way we can improve this? let's leave it as is; we don't want to recommend deprecated gnome packages
  • 446287: mail-client/trojita-0.3.90: version bump - Yes check.png Done hwoarang
  • 443730: minitube desktop file: please apply patch - Yes check.png Done hwoarang
  • 444262: avidemux - mask the package, but keep both 2.5 and 2.6 in tree - Yes check.png Done yngwin
  • 347707: photivo - can we get a snapshot into official tree? yes - Yes check.png Done hwoarang
  • 442414: app-editors/focuswriter - who wants to add an elog? - TODO yngwin
  • 410911: net-im/psi-0.15 version bump - this is already long overdue, who wants to work with proxy-maintainers to get this done? - TODO yngwin/pesa
  • 442178: net-libs/telepathy-qt-0.9.3 fails CallChannel test - low priority, leave open until someone has time or a new upstream release pops up
  • 444118: net-irc/communi new pkg - suggest proxy-maint, drop qt CC - Yes check.png Done yngwin
  • 269110: new ebuild app-text/coolreader3 - in qt overlay now, see if it's ready to add release ebuild - TODO yngwin
  • 441914: x11-libs/qtsingleapplication please package - yes, but low priority - Yes check.png Done kensington (ebuild in qt overlay)
  • 440584: x11-libs/qt-gui: some elog messages should only be shown when upgrading from an old enough package - TODO yngwin (low priority)
  • 431460: dev-python/PyQt4: Synchronize USE flags with dev-python/pyside - Yes check.png Done pesa

5. Open floor

We can use some more help. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to announce this widely - TODO yngwin to write announcement. We can offload app maintenance to proxy-maintainers, and at the same time invite them to get more involved.