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Note that the SYNC variable is now deprecated, and instead the sync-type and sync-uri attributes in /etc/portage/repos.conf should be used. See portage(5) for more information.

mirrorselect provides a nice interface to select the mirrors you want.


Install app-portage/mirrorselect:

root # emerge --ask mirrorselect


The default configuration of repositories for Portage comes from the portage package itself at: /usr/share/portage/config/repos.conf. However settings in /etc/portage/repos.conf override values set /usr/share/portage/config/repos.conf.

Just navigate to the mirrors of choice and press Space to select one or more mirrors.

root # mirrorselect -i -o >> /etc/portage/make.conf
  • Find Gentoo rsync mirror:
root # mirrorselect -i -r -o >> /etc/portage/repos.conf
  • Find 3 fastest servers by downloading 100K from each:
root # mirrorselect -s3 -b10 -o -D >> /etc/portage/make.conf