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Kicktoo is meant to automate the manual steps required to build a working Portage based distro. The project is a fork from Quickstart and under active development.


You can use Kicktoo inside almost any Linux LiveCD, for instance a Gentoo minimal install CD, SysrescueCD or Ubuntu. Setup your pre-install environment by following these steps:

  1. Download the LiveCD
  2. Boot the LiveCD
  3. Setup network connectivity
You should NOT run it on anything else than a LiveCD.


You can install Kicktoo using three methods.

Version Package

You can download the package from the Kicktoo website.

root # cd ~
root #
wget ""
root #
root #
cd kicktoo-1

Latest from Git

root # cd ~
root #
git clone git://


Alternatively, you can use the one provided by the ltsp overlay:

root # layman -a ltsp
root # emerge --ask kicktoo


Kicktoo can be configured with a installer profile. Several example profiles are already available in the profiles directory.

root # ls -R /root/kicktoo/profiles
When you installed using the ebuild, the profiles are available in /usr/share/kicktoo/profiles.

Running Kicktoo

Call the kicktoo application with the profile you just edited.

root # ./kicktoo -p profiles/gentoo/gentoo.profile -v
root #
When you installed using the ebuild, the kicktoo app is available in /usr/bin/kicktoo.