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Package Manager Specification test suite
Description The PMS test suite project aims to develop and maintain a comprehensive test suite to check the compliance of a particular Package Manager with the PMS.
IRC Channel #gentoo-dev
Parent Project Package Manager Specification
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Project Description

Historically, there were many cases whenever the behavior of a particular Package Manager didn't follow the PMS spec. In worst case, this resulted in a growing number of ebuilds which relied on the incorrect behavior and caused trouble for users of other Package Managers.

The PMS test suite project aims to provide a comprehensive solution to avoid such a mistakes in the future. It is supposed to provide a set of tests against various aspects of the PMS, and a means to run these tests using any Package Manager.

The PMS test suite project has been started as a 2011 GSoC project. It can be found in the gentoo package tree as app-portage/pms-test-suite.


Resources offered by the PMS test suite project are: