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Gentoo/MIPS Port
Description Gentoo/MIPS is a port of the Gentoo GNU/Linux and the Gentoo Portage package management system to mips-based platforms.
IRC Channel #gentoo-mips
Parent Project Gentoo Base System
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MIPS Hardware Wiki Pages

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (ERLite-3)

Targetted MIPS Hardware

We target some specific MIPS hardware with stage4 tarballs that provide more than a plain stage3 because these systems are popular, but building a useful environment is difficult for various reasons. One necessarily trades choice for convenience.

Currently we target the following:

System CPU Name Manufacturer Installation
Yeeloong Netbook Loongsoon 2f Lemote Netboot/USB boot. Tarball image.


We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:
Title Description Requirements Contact
MIPS Porter/Tester Use your MIPS hardware to help us improve the MIPS support in Gentoo Linux. MIPS hardware, MIPS programming experience is not mandatory, Free time, Eager to learn more things about MIPS