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Gentoo Linux Kernel Security Project
Description Gentoo Linux Kernel Security Project handles patching our many kernel sources and informing our users about global kernel security status.
IRC Channel #gentoo-security
Parent Project Gentoo Security Project
Subprojects (none)
Project listing

Project Status

Project Inactive

Please note, that the Kernel Security Project is more or less inactive at the moment and that the information given here may not be not up to date.

If you are interested in helping with kernel security handling, please contact the Security Team.

Kernel Sources

Supported Kernel Sources

Kernel Source Security liaison
gentoo-sources dsd
hardened-sources blueness
openvz-sources bangert
vserver-sources hollow

Unsupported Kernel Sources

Kernel Source Security Liaison Reason for being unsupported
ck-sources nelchael This kernel contains patches that likely will never make it into mainline Linux; as such, it's not something that can continue to be supported.
git-sources mpagano This kernel package represents daily snapshots of the very latest Linux kernel development tree. It is taken directly from upstream, and by definition, is not modified by Gentoo.
mips-sources kumba Not enough members with MIPS hardware to look after it
pf-sources wired This kernel features patchsets that may or may not ever make it into mainline Linux, and is maintained by just a couple of Gentoo developers.
xbox-sources vapier Gentoo on XBOX is currently not a supported architecture. This kernel is in the tree for ongoing development efforts.
tuxonice-sources nelchael
vanilla-sources kernel This kernel package is the latest stable and release candidate packages from upstream. By definition, Gentoo does not modify this package.

Making a New Kernel Source

Adding a new kernel source into the tree is not recommended by the Gentoo Security Team. Unless it is a kernel source you think could be used by a wide number of users, please end your consideration here and simply use an overlay. If you do believe that it is, you must be willing to become the security maintainer. Being the security maintainer for a kernel source means being willing to devote a significant amount of time to closing security bugs for that kernel source. Additionally, you must take care that your kernel source never falls into hardmasking. If it does, your kernel source will automatically lose Gentoo Security support, and may be subject to tree removal.