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This document describes the hosts that are used for providing the services of the Gentoo distribution. All of the hosts are maintained by the Infrastructure team directly.

You may also be interested in the list of hosts available for development purposes, which are not maintained by the Infrastructure team unless otherwise noted.

Overview · Details · SSH keys

Name Service(s) Location Details Master rsync community mirror Manchester, UK, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Albatross WWW node
Manchester, UK, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Auklet WWW node Manchester, UK, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Avocet CFEngine master
Infra Stage 4 buildhost
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Bellbird High-risk WWW services Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Bittern VM hosting Corvallis, Oregon, USA Infrastructure/Servers/Blackcap rsync server
DNS slave
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Bobolink rsync server Maidenhead, UK, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Boobie Low-risk non-SSL Web services
Service testing
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Brambling DNS slave Toronto, Canada, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Condor DNS master
LDAP slave
Toronto, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Corvid Master mirror services
MySQL server
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Dipper LDAP server Indianapolis, Indiana, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Duck Archives Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Finch Forums web server 1 Vancouver, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Gannet Wiki Vancouver, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Geese Forums web server 2 Vancouver, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Godwit Forums database server 1 Vancouver, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Grebe Forums database server 2 Vancouver, Canada Infrastructure/Servers/Grouse Wilmington, Delaware, USA Infrastructure/Servers/Ibis St. Wendel, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Inca backups Wilmington, Delaware, USA Infrastructure/Servers/Ituri ldap slave
dns slave
Wilmington, Delaware, USA Infrastructure/Servers/Izu rsync server New York, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Jay EU master distfiles
DNS slave
Torino, Italy, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Kea WWW services Clifton, New Jersey, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Kookaburra rsync server
mirror stats
San Jose, California, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Magpie LDAP server
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Meadowlark Anonymous access to CVS/SVN/Git
VCS web interfaces
San Jose, California, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Motmot St. Wendel, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Mynah reserved by a3li for future www Netherlands, Europe Infrastructure/Servers/Nighthawk Release Engineering
AMD64/X86 build box
Autobuilds mirroring
Paris, France Infrastructure/Servers/Nightheron Paris, France Infrastructure/Servers/Nightjar Paris, France Infrastructure/Servers/Noddie Master mirror services Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Osprey CVS
Falkenstein, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Oystercatcher releng Roubaix, France, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Peacock Puppet testing Austin, Texas, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Pelican Mailing lists Toronto, Canada, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Pigeon rsync server Cologne, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Quetzal ldap slave
dns slave
Bern, Switzerland Infrastructure/Servers/Sapsucker Master DNS Bern, Switzerland Infrastructure/Servers/Scrubfowl Bern, Switzerland Infrastructure/Servers/Shearwater rsync server Zurich, Switzerland, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Starling rsync server Nürnberg, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Swan loghost Nürnberg, Germany, EU Infrastructure/Servers/Vireo Summer of Code Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Vulture Developer shell server
Primary email server
Corvallis, Oregon, US, NA Infrastructure/Servers/Woodpecker


Adding a server:

Editing an existing server:
Click on the link in the Details column, and use Edit using form in the upper right corner.