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Gentoo Emacs/Elisp Project
Description The Gentoo Emacs Project handles Emacs and Elisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree. This includes GNU Emacs, XEmacs and related editors, manuals and additional packages.
IRC Channel #gentoo-lisp
Parent Project Gentoo Lisp Project
Subprojects (none)
Project listing


The Emacs project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
emacs fauli, graaff, ulm GNU Emacs applications and Emacs Lisp add-ons
xemacs matsl XEmacs editor and the associated xemacs lisp packages

The Emacs overlay

The Emacs overlay holds packages to be tested separately and provides a playground for both GNU Emacs and XEmacs. View the overlay with gitweb:;a=summary

GNU Emacs documentation

Our developer information summarises what must be known when maintaining Emacs and its packages in Gentoo. Even maintainers of packages with optional Emacs support (by USE="emacs") can learn something about the internal goings.

A devmanual section contains hints how you can configure your Emacs as Gentoo developer.

Using Emacs Xft support shows you how to enable and use antialiased fonts for Emacs.

Test plans for Emacs packages that need testing when being keyworded or stabilised.

Work lists mainly intended for the Emacs maintainers themselves, of temporary nature:

XEmacs documentation

Documentation on XEmacs on Gentoo is available. It contains information for users to explain how Gentoo deals with some aspects of XEmacs, and information and support scripts for Gentoo developers.

Other Emacs implementations

Other Emacs-like editors are also available in Gentoo, in addition to GNU Emacs and XEmacs.